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    it will contain five random foot and mounted figures at a reduced cost. £1. All our metal miniatures are cast to the highest standards using lead free pewter. Surprises include the availability of Gun and Crew Dioramas for Collectors, and how small the range of figures actually was. And some oddities! World War two in ETO and ETO '43+ Napoleonics 1812+ in Spain and France, Rome Mid Imperial (well Augustus+) Warsaw pact and NATO Ultra Moderns and Brush wars, Some Colonial (Zulu war etc) The Crimea, some and WW1 1913-1921 (get my drift), Naval WW2 1/3000 and 1/300 WW1 WW2 Air. Shop for Miniatures in the Shapeways 3D printing marketplace. We thank you for your understanding. 80 Cavalry - 12 riders and horses w/command if available/ $12. 00 charge for orders under £20. This is the kepi style cap which has a flat top that falls forward. commission-figurines. I found that if you want large armines go with the 20mm. If you have a gaming company of your own and want to be added to the directory then e-mail me with your company name, company URL and each ‘scale’ and its associated 'period' per line. Sometimes it's worth waiting for a miniature to come along and anyone with a 28mm Italian WW2 Desert Force will have been waiting for some motorcycle borne troops to come along, we can thank Dog Tag Miniatures for answering our prayers. Our large range features an impressive number of figures for English Cival War, Napoleonic, American Civil War and more! Here is a list of useful wargaming manufacturers links, if you know of any other links which you think should be included then by all means use the comment form below. It never eventuated, but I will probably still do it via this blog. C1861-ACW; C1861 Horses; Accessories 1/72; 20mm (1/76) British WW2 Paratroopers. TheWarStore accepts all Major Credit Cards, PayPal, and Money Orders Shipping Charges? Every US Order Ships For Only $7. 20mm WWII Germans. 95! 15mm ACW CSA Artillery A Confederate artillery battalion for the battle of Stones River we recently did for a customer. American Civil War. 45. Fighting 15s is no longer the EU agent for AB Figures (however, we still own and sell Fighting 15s Flags, formerly known as Flags for AB). Some wanting to know how the two  Russian Townhouse (20mm). Packs contain 24 foot figures or 10 cavalry & horses or 4 guns & crew, with Command where available. It also has some info on which may be compatible to mix together, and links to a number of large-scale ACW battles fought using 10mm figures Musket Miniatures Lots of nice 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm-28mm scale Terrain, Buildings, Accessories, and Figures – covering several Periods (AmRev, AmMex, ACW, Wild West, WW2, and more. Pewter Miniatures for historical miniature gamers, model railroaders, museums, Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. American Civil War Zouaves. We are constantly looking for interesting and value for money items, for the war gaming table and stock a wide range of Hinchliffe figures, Warmodelling, plastic models, buildings, terrain, flags, paint, brushes, trees, grasses, spears, transfers, war game rule books, 20mm WWII Figures, 15mm Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 20mm Musket Miniatures American Civil War Union or Rebel adv Primed at the best online prices at eBay! AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. As you will see from our contents list, we offer a large range of models covering most wargame periods and sizes. On this site you will find some of the most interesting and highly detailed War Gaming Figures, Military Miniatures, Model Trees, Scenery, Scale Model Buildings and War Game Rules available today. BP is a great game to introduce newbies to. 28mm painted or unpainted kit or pre built model ready for the table available in various painted colour options or unpainted. We are a group of Enthusiasts from all over the world, mostly Germany, who create historical battles in scale 1:72. NAU 9 NAU 12  20mm Gulf War Ranges · 20mm Vietnam Ranges · 20mm WWII Ranges SHQ Miniatures, The Stock Shed, Flaxdrayton Farm, South Petherton, Somerset, TA13   Ltl Brits Gallery. Shop GameCraft for miniatures for 28mm Wargaming in all time periods and geographic areas of the world and beyond. Welcome to Crusader Miniatures We are a UK based company making 28mm sized metal figures, all designed and sculpted by Mark Sims. August 26, 2019 - 28mm Soviet Heavy Weapons As we always say, never go to war in Afghanistan, unless it is with Eureka Miniatures 28mm 1980’s Soviet Range!To complement our Soviet Mechan This a wargaming place were you can see a growing collection of miniatures and terrain of many historical periods in 20mm (but also a few 10mm,15mm and 28mm) started when I was 10 yo. I 2 Hessian/ Loyalist; 20mm A. I will post some close up photos but first I wanted to show you all my new basing technique. I first produced miniature figurines in the mid 1970s as a founder of Asgard Miniatures, then moving onto design and manufacture gift and commemorative items (Mucky Duck), while also creating Tumbling Dice wargames ranges. We have continued our mission of offering the best possible value for money with more figures to the £ than any other manufacturer. As I am looking at For Sale: large 28mm Hydra Miniatures Robot Legion force . Can anyone recommend a set of miniatures rules for 1:72 scale Civil War? A local hobby store was having a 50% off sale on IMEX sets and well. Airspeed Horsa Glider (20mm) German DFS 230 Glider (20mm). 20 Limbers/Caissons - 8 horses, w riders and 2 limbers/ Caissons/ $8. We like the rules so much that we are converting all our 20mm Seven Years War miniatures collections to the rules set: Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Sarissa 28mm Wild West/ACW train I am not keen on doing work in progress pictures, but just had to share what I think is a very nice 28mm ACW/Wild West Train, coach and track. This box contains 42 Zouaves including command. I picked up the Glory Days rules for free from freewargamesrules. This is the Madaxeman. From Sumerian charioters to ACW cannons, we have something for everyone. By no activity, I mean neither a game nor any newly painted and fielded units. 6 Jul 2013 My painted miniatures in 15mm and 25mm, covering all genres. Visit the post for more. Turning Little Men Into Soldiers Fighting 15s is registered for VAT VAT No: GB 917 3277 15 Welcome to the Black Hat Miniatures website. 00 USD. It has links to a non-exhaustive set of pics of 10mm ACW figures from most of the current manufacturers. This entry was posted in Gaming, Historical and tagged 15mm, AAR, American Civil War, Miniatures, Sharp Practice 2 on September 9, 2016 by thedivergentwargamer. The all new waterslide transfers for wargame miniatures are now available from Battle Flag. CONTENTS Confederates Union As much as I'd prefer Ancients or Medieval, my LGS has a sizeable collection of ACW in 1/72, so that's where I'm going to start. ACW ? 10mm ACW Project on Review With no activity seen coming from the 10mm ACW project in 2015, time to pull the figures from the boxes and assess the project's current status. Federals Collection - ACW 20mm - Noble Knight Games Free Shipping on Continental US Orders $149+ Battlescale produce a growing range of highly detailed wargame buildings and wargame scenery. About all I can say is that they were from a line of 15mm ancients and used for the big pike blocks. 15mm True Scale ACW (27) 20mm Ranges. Among them were some of the command figures from B&B Miniatures 20mm range. As this is supposed to be a fun Old School Project, reliant on being cheap, quick and easy, so everything about it, including any battlefield "decoration", has to cost virtually nothing, be Basic, no excessive Detail or in depth historical accuracy, if it looks the part it´ll do and lastly, durable. 6. Miniature Painting Service. Army Starter Packs. There's no reason why they couldn't be used for other eras such as AWI, Seminole Wars, European Wars, and etc. Notes on Peter Pig 15mm ACW figures Forage Cap. Various booklets, rules systems, boardgames. When I first got interested in wargaming again, I had come across some stories involving Hinton Hunts. [more. Thousand of products, orders, pictures butmost of all thousand of nice customers Classic Airfix ACW in 1/72 scale My friends and I go way back, waaay back in the hobby of miniature wargaming. com is your one stop source for all your miniatures, buildings, and accessories. NapoleoN Miniatures New Email: napoleon@fremm. 15mm ACW Confederate Infantry This was a commission for 15mm ACW infantry representing Cheatham's Division at the Battle of Stones River. We also stock fantasy and sci-fi miniatures, dice, bases and a wide variety of gaming accessories. Phones: 07818 158 494 email info@jacklexminiatures. 28mm ACW Miniatures. Thoroughbred miniatures ACW vessels are just a bit on the large size for gaming but I doubt that will stop anyone from using these, especially if they have enough space. All figure codes in this section are the remains of imported stock from AB in Australia. TWW does not endorse in any way the companies listed here. nothing similar is quite as good" 0 Warmonger Miniatures is the sister company to Wargames foundry and the home for our fantasy miniatures, we have brought back hundreds of out of production models and are continuing to make new releases to add to our vast collection. XX002 3x 4 cm bases (rectangular) Warsquad is a range of WWII infantry figures. A Superb blog from one of our customers – check it out for 20mm Napoleonics My name is Mac Warren , l am the owner of B & B Miniatures. Perry Miniatures American Civil Union Infantry in Sack Coats Skirmishing 1861-65 Manufacture Product Number : PRM-ACW120 38 multi-pose figures, individual 20mm round bases, painting guide. Plasmablast Games - 6mm Sci Fi Redoubt Enterprises - 25mm Historical Figures SHQ - 20mm Spencer Smith Miniatures - 20mm, 25mm, 30mm Stronghold Miniatures - 10mm and 15mm Vendel Miniatures - 28mm Vexillia Limited - 15 to 28mm and accessories Wargames Foundry - 28mm Warrior Miniatures Pithead Miniatures - 10mm WWII, along with 10mm Korean War. we are now the largest manufacturer of 10mm wargames miniatures, with nearly 4000 products  Finished a testmodel in 6mm for a future 20mm paintjob. The figures are designed for wargamers, miniature figure painters and collectors of model soldiers. Welcome to our webstore! Please get started by choosing the currency you'd like to shop in: NB. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years. After a slow start l will be bringing out some new ranges in 2010. Pre Christmas Sale Now On! 25% Off All Ranges (excludes bargain and army packs) 20mm Napoleonics. Figures are 22MM Musket Miniatures and I made the flag. These are quite small on their scrubby horses but have their horse furniture cast on the figure, so if you put them on the larger S Range horses they match up well. New to this comparison are figures from Pendrakens new range and the Cracker Line. 35 6mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 28mm 40k 1/300 model. Good Ground is the owner of Cracker Line and Plank Road Miniatures, So Far From God Miniatures, Between the Lines Models and B Company Magnetic Bases. Browse through our extensive ranges of miniature figures & equipment. 50 Add To Cart. The range consists of British, French, German and 1939 Polish. XX001 3 x 3 cm bases (square) These are used for the majority of Peter Pig rule systems. Yahoo Group 'Classical Historical Miniature Wargam - General discussion group on 1/72 and 20mm gaming (rules, materials etc. Please note that these lists will have on them our previous address and details as they were scanned into the computer when we were still at the old address. 15mm SYW, ECW and Napoleonics. Great Escape Games - Dead Mans Hand - Dead Mans Hand Miniatures · Plastic Soldier Company - 20mm Figures - German  28 Jun 2015 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 28mm and beyond? While 20 years ago the choice for certain periods (ACW, Naps, . They matched the plastic Airfix figures well and allowed one to fill in the gaps in the rather limited Airfix sets. I paint all makes of figure. £0. Complete catalogue of all Hovels buildings including Photographs. After researching the period, I drew the flags I wanted using my laptop. Lancashire Games began in 1984 as a painting service by Allan Lumley, over the years we have expanded into castings and the range now covers 15mm , 20mm and 25mm figures. We're happy to announce our new website! It seems yesterday we launched our ecommerce and yet 13 years have passed. All figures are from Blue Moon, and the flags are from Cotton Jim's Flags. The following is a list of all the manufacturers of 28mm figures that I can find. Hardtack Hobbieswargaming miniatures and wargames 10mm WWII mostly organized in platoons and companies per Flames of War. org The American Civil War . As we do this since more than 10 years we thought it is time for our own blog. The Miniatures Page - Huge number of message boards about modelling. at rear by Musket Miniatures ( Stone Mountain) as are ammo carriers, dead by Ulf D 10 Jul 2013 I thought I would share some pictures of the first of the huge box of 20mm ACW figures I'm currently working on for the collection of 'Old John'. We have ALL the Blue Moon products on our main site. Gaming miniatures. Bicorne Miniatures are suppliers of quality 28mm white metal miniatures to the home and commercial markets. . Follow this link for our range of 18-20mm scale model buildings Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. Benno′s Figures Forum 20mm - 1/72 scale Miniatures News. To get a feel for what they were like to paint up, I did a unit of Baccus figures using the same techniques. If you miniatures slide down slopes, try applying Anti-Slip backing on the underside of the base. Our latest range, Hoplite Classical Greeks "Sculpture'Z. Within the batch of SYW figures that I obtained from the Eric Knowles collection was this small group of Iroquois indians by Minifigs. American Civil War Miniatures Here are some pictures of units from my 25mm / 28mm ACW collection. uk Historic Buildings in Miniature, TimeCast Military Miniatures for accessories in various scales (6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 18/20mm), plus an increasing range  We have Wargame Miniatures, Rule Books, Terrain, Plastic Models, 20mm WWII Figures, 15mm Ancient Figures, Bronco 1/35, JR Miniatures and MORE! Crusader Miniatures - Site Map . 28mm ACW Black Powder game Douglas Miniatures - 20mm Crimean War. Accessories . Joined DennisC’s game of 20mm American Civil War Wilderness Battle(s) on his special designed mat for the table; a very large dark green outdoor carpet with exact cutouts for the rare clearings in this heavily treed area of Virginia some 150 years ago, unfortunately laying between Washington and Richmond and thus, a battle zone. EM4 Miniatures: Not a bad deal. 20mm Ranges. Cuirassier and Curiouser The Lone S Ranger. Both the dioramist and the wargamer will enjoy this set of Confederate Infantry Skirmishing. Outland Miniatures (28mm) 19th Century Miniatures (28mm) Newline Designs 20mm Ranges. ). 6 horse gun and limber. 8 figures pack. DJD Miniatures painting service provides quality custom figure painting and offers pre-painted miniatures for sale. Does anyone know of a 20mm Armistead figure? The Life of Lead. Comparison Photos of 10mm & 12mm American Civil War Miniatures. ACW 6mm figures comparison of Baccus and Adler Following the success of the bring and buy purchase at the Donnington Park show, I had a go at painting up a unit of infantry. K&L Thomas At one time, one of the most widely advertised sets of miniatures, they still surface occasionally on E-bay. 0 Here’s my newest 10mm American Civil War manufactures comparison photo. Musket Miniatures Formerly Stone Mountain Miniatures, this US company produce the Brigadier range of HO (22mm) ACW figures. Welcome We manufacture various ranges of 15mm, 20mm and 25mm terrain, buildings, vehicles and figures suitable for many periods. 58 Postage . The full photo directory is here. I rather like these as they are true 20mm and have a basic charm about them. The box contains three identical sprues, each with the parts to build 12 figures. 1:56 28mm tank models, miniatures, decals for tabletop wargamming Making the Ho-Ro from the Company B Chi-Ha; Company B models and miniatures. Our ranges include 20mm Allanbys War for WW1 in   ACW 76 Iron Brigade, firing line B 71 40mm x 20mm bases ACW 50024 Union Artillery in Action - Firing 12 Pdr Napoleon- 5 Piece Set - 4 Figures and  In this section you will find plastic kits ideal for wargaming in 1/72 or 20mm. There is an additional £2. - 32 IN ALL!! 's a nice group of 32 painted HO or 20mm scale American Civil War Union Supply Forces, including wagons, caissons, etc. The focus of the blog is to help plastic wargamers select metal figures to complement their forces, and vice versa. That said, I have never been a fan of board games and thus I have decided to play Battle Cry on the wargames table using 20mm figures. W. Russian Townhouse (20mm). In this blog you' ll be able to find example of our painting work, news on our preferred games and painting guides. All our figures are hand-cast from top-quality metal and rigorously inspected before despatch. Now part of CALIVER BOOKS we have more stuff for wargamers than anyone else on the planet! PDF files Most of our ranges can now be downloaded as illustrated line drawings on PDF files. . Elhiem Figures are the Official Licensed Miniatures for 'Ambush Alley's : Force on Force' modern combat rules. Buy American Civil War 28mm Table Top & Historical Wargames and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Allanby Wars 20mm; German East Africa; Franco-pruss - Prussian 20mm; Franco-Prussian- French 20mm; Samurai 20mm; A. All figures are 15mm and from Old Glory's Blue Moon range. More ACW figures. A couple of Nebelwerfers that have been lurking at the back of the painting tray finally got finished. together, and links to a number of large-scale ACW battles fought using 10mm figures. I have well over 3000 ACW figures both metal and plastic. I British 20mm; A. All Prices include UK postage, if ordering from outside the UK additional postage will be added at the checkout page. Schwimwagen GHQ Models is the largest manufacturer of unpainted World War I, World War 2 and modern military models, along with 1/87 HO Scale models and 1/160 N Scale model railroading models and supporting accessories. There is a smattering of Wargames Foundry figures but an awful lot of the collection appears to be from Raventhorpe Miniatures. Yahoo Group 'DBLCHM' - General discussion group on 1/72 and 20mm gaming and collecting. They are as pictured, painted and based. Find unique gifts and other personal designs in Shapeways Miniatures. Since June 2005 and this is my website . 20mm American Civil War Confederate States. These figures are compatible with many popular miniature lines and will add color and character to your ACW collections or armies. co. Choose Currency. The range is extensive and the models well-detailed with many small pieces for some ships like the Hartford making these more of a project than most. May 8, 2015- Explore dlkemp12's board "ACW Miniatures" on Pinterest. 64. 00 This blog is concerned with military miniatures that are about one inch high. Each unit consists of four bases. Attached are photos of a small vignette of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry. 10mm figures are roughly 1:160 scale, they should stand about 10mm tall foot to eye (there has been a small amount of scale creep and our ranges tend to be ACW2 Plastic American Civil War Cavalry ( box of 12 figures) ACW19 Union Infantry command advancing in sack coats and forage caps (1 officer, 1 drummer, 2 standard bearers and 2 sergeants) ACW1 Plastic American Civil War Infantry ( box of 36 figures) ACW3 Union Generals mounted Welcome to MINIATURE FIGURINES & MATCHLOCK MINIATURES. JA101. com 10mm ACW page. We also stock the GHQ 10mm figure ranges for ACW and Napoleonic eras and some trucks from the 10mm Perrin range. uk just so I'll have a place to start once everything is painted up. When folk started to take interest in the flags I made and asking to purchase them I began a small website selling my new flags. Fog' s Soldiers is a professional miniature painting service and a producer of high quality, handcrafted, scenery and model trains services. You'll find lots of 'pretty pictures', various modeling techniques, and hopefully some inspiration for your own lead pile. Kepi. Total Battle Miniatures was established to produce a comprehensive range of wargames buildings and scenics in as many periods and scales as possible. Cracker Line 10mm Miniatures cover the ACW Western Theatre. 25-28MM. was founded in 2002 with the purpose of creating extremely detailed unpainted 28mm heroic gaming scale fantasy miniatures and other miniature related products for both miniature collectors and gamers alike. ACW 1860-70 Franco & Austro Prussian Wars Plains Wars World War I Spanish Civil War Moderns Riot Sci-Fi Scenics Architecturals. Seller of RSM, RSM95, Parade Ground Flags, Miniature Building Authority Builsings, and Mitre, RSM95 20MM Figures. March Or Die - B and B’s 25 mm French Foreign Legion Range (From Spanner & the Yank) WORLD WAR I Manufacturers several ranges of miniatures based on Napoleonic, Seven Years War, American Civil War, science fiction and fantasy periods. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept their use. Plasmablast Games - 6mm Sci Fi Redoubt Enterprises - 25mm Historical Figures SHQ - 20mm Spencer Smith Miniatures - 20mm, 25mm, 30mm Stronghold Miniatures - 10mm and 15mm Vendel Miniatures - 28mm Vexillia Limited - 15 to 28mm and accessories Wargames Foundry - 28mm Warrior Miniatures Perry Miniatures - 28mm ACW Infantry This is the first boxed set released by Perry Miniatures and it allow you to build 36 Union or Confederate Infantrymen. 025"/. 00 | M55 Machine Gun Trailer Mount, with M45 Quadmount Gun and M20 Trailer Finally, for now, an Early War Miniatures Kubelwagen from their £1 mis-cast show box, which I've repaired with sculpting paste and Milliput. Here are some more shots of the latest painted stuff for the collection of 'Old John'. 20mm Miniatures. There is also a range of 28mm scale Pirate Ships. CP Models World War II (102) · TQD Castings (292). They are very good and Rich has been very good in keeping the figures in good order. 00). Search for: 1/600. 530 likes. com web site. I have managed to collect a lot of rare 20mm ACW figures over that time, some well out of production. These Crusader Miniatures hoplites have been sitting in a box for ten years! When Jon, Kevin, and I played a game of Commands and Colors with my 28mm ancients miniatures, I thought it would be nice to add a Greek army to the table. John now as the 20mm English Civil War and Marlburian ranges back in production. I am looking at working on an ACW project and am a recent 20mm scale convert. This consists of ready made polyfilla and PVA glue. After a call to Mark he sent me a few figures and they arrived today. We have two ranges of 20mm figures So please select CP Models or TQD Castings. SAMPLE FIGURES: should you wish to get a better feel for the American Civil War range before committing to ordering a quantity of Jacklex Miniatures please order a sample bag of figures. eM4 Miniatures - the home of Combat Zone, Dunwich Chronicles and Ludus Gladiatorius. 20MM Figure Packs: Contents: Infantry - 24 figs w/command if available/ $10. You can change the settings or get more information about our cookie policy here. Because of this at least two of us collect old Airfix figures for nostalgia purposes but also to serve in our current wargame armies along side more recent productions. (This will be called "tax". Though, if those men from the West had headed out into the open, (not to mention had Ares headed off as is the want of so many HOTT Gods) those men from the East would have had them for lunch! THE ERA OF 3D PRINTABLE WARGAMES IS HERE! World War Tesla™ is an alternate-history wargame by James M. 15mm Wargaming Miniatures. Note you must join this group to use all its features. Dark Sword Miniatures Inc. We hope you enjoy looking around the site. The French can be used for the Polish in 1940, and the British for the Polish for later in the war. Infantry advancing. Services for collectors of miniatures and war gamers alike at reasonable painting 20MM. 18th Century. JA1. Command 1 of infantrty in Kepi. At the moment it has some 40. Ward (author of TSR's Gamma World, Deities & Demigods, and Metamorphis Alpha) and Thomas A. I had debated for a while getting the Italeri Nebelwerfer set, whenever I saw it on B&Bs, but the prices were never tempting enough. 85. Unlike other makes of transfer these are true waterslide, no plastic film to peel off, no sticking the transfer to the wargame figure and hoping you have placed it correctly first time. 42nd Black Watch Miniatures · A Call To Arms · Academy · Accurate Figures · Ace · AD PROELIUM MINIATURES  Commission Figurines www. In Stock. 00 plus postage. Pithead Miniatures - 10mm WWII, along with 10mm Korean War. 60 Artillery - 4 guns and 16 gunners/ $13. 000 miniatures from simple foot soldiers figures to much bigger Destroyers. zemez948. Unless you are doing 20mm or above, a simple base colour, wash and . American Civil War - American Civil War - Crusader Miniatures - 28mm Metal Miniatures for Gamers and Collectors American Civil War - American Civil War (22 products found) The war fought between the Northern and Southern states of the USA during the years 1861 to 1865. 6mm figures are 1/285 scale ( the Ameriacn version of 1/300th) so taking a man at 6 feet high 1. I really like the game system, which is similar to Memoire 44 and Command and Colors. As you will see from our 50 Piece 20mm English Civil War Army for only £10. I managed to make a start on the 10mm ACW minis from Pendraken. ACW Gamer Miniatures: A 28mm line of metal miniatures designed to offer figures for subjects that may not have received the focus they deserved. The new Perry 28mm ACW ‘Battle in a Box’ package contains a set of easy / fast play rules called Firepower and while I have not got around to painting my lovely 28mm figures yet, I though I would give the rules a spin using my existing Kallistra 12mm ACW armies, which are based on 40mm frontages, just to try things out. (100CIV30b) Please turn off your ear trumpets during the performance $55. Tullis, where Nikola Tesla’s more radical ideas such as death rays and force fields have come to fruition, changing the face of a world at war. 20mm Napoleonics. I have been thinking of getting some 20mm ACW figures for sometime and it was on a recent visit to Spencer Smith website that I read that the Jacklex range was now going to be produced by Mark Lodge who is a fellow Hinton Hunt collector. 4,99€ In Stock. $32. First up most of the infantry soon to be followed by support, halftracks, armour and some terrain and other bits and pieces. 18th Century American Civil War American West Ancients Army Starter Packs Shop for SciFi in the Shapeways 3D printing marketplace. The business is now owned by Andy Grubb of Grubby Tanks fame. Musket Miniatures are good figures, nice detail and a huge variety of poses, artillery pieces, pretty much anything you need. NEWS NEW RELEASES AB 20mm World War II Gallery AB Napoleonic Gallery Modern Gallery WFR Gallery Volume discounts EVENTS CONTACT PRIVACY TERMS Shipping Return Policy GALLERY Log In Sign up My Cart (0) My Cart (0) Check Out Musket Miniatures, Idyllwild, California. 25mm/28mm acw regimental fire and fury wargame I hosted a wargame of Regimental Fire and Fury ACW rules last night. Plank Road 10mm Miniatures cover the ACW Eastern Theatre. NAU 8 NAU 6 NAU 11. Gallery: Pictures of this range are now available in the Gallery. Also see our other ACW figure pages, and the ACW photo links in the right sidebar. Thank you for visiting the Warrior Miniatures website. JA3. UNION ARMY. John Cunningham casts several lines of old, defunct figures. New project - Painting a large figure! 4 years ago Dunc's Persistent Tangent. 15mm buildings. We are dropping the 10mm Civil War miniatures from our offerings. Some are listed as 25mm but may still be compatible! If you make 28mm figures and are not on the list let me know and I will add you. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MUD-BRICK HOUSE - PERRY MINIATURES - RENEDRA - 28MM - ACW at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 28mm ACW STRETCHER BEARERS Union or Confederate Civil War Dixon Minis 65626 at the best online prices at eBay! As much as I like Fire & Fury (it was one of my first historical rules sets), I like finishing in an evening. 60 The scale we work at is 1/72 (20mm) that can be used in any game system designed for 20mm, 28mm or 15mm and is well supported with thousands of model kits and terrain available. com. We paint for the Wargamer and the Collector in many scales including 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 54mm and 120mm. Pig and Blue Moon, I'm NOT using the miniatures from those two manufacturers in my main ACW armies based for Johnny Reb. What others are saying Wargaming: Some New Odds & Ends from Pendraken Miniatures While we're working on Kickstarter, not-Kickstarters, BKC-IV and more, we've still found a bit of time to tick off some of our Top 10 Requests! Polish Marching Czapka x8 (9 variants) POL001. I have been painting and collecting for over 25 years, and I hope you like selection of figures on this site. 20 x plastic ACW figures, unpainted in a cheapo plastic bag for £5. The figures I Askari Minis : - French Army of Africa Animals & Equipment Artillery North Africans Accessories & Rules Italian Colonial Army Central Asians Ethiopian Army Spanish Colonial Army Personalities Russian Colonial Army Turkish Army Askari Adventures German Colonial Army Sailors Hereros World War II ecommerce, miniatures, gaming These eight figures are out of production Old Glory 28mm miniatures from whatever came before their Second Edition ACW line - I guess that would been, I dunno, First Edition? They came from a pack of 25 or so minis called ACW infantry advancing in slouch hat and backpack or some such title. Quick shop. Oldgloryminiatures. Dog Tag Miniatures has been added to the Manufacturers Directory. Xan MIniatures use cookies to improve your user experience. Painted more 20mm ACW's for Old John, these are lovely 'Musket Miniatures' pewter castings and would match well with plastic ACW's I should say as they are anatomically similar. So please select CP Models or TQD Castings. Alberken Ltd Metal 20mm Military Miniatures Catalogue and Price List May 1965 A bit of a treat: the Alberken Ltd catalogue from May 1965. In addition to our popular and ever expanding 40mm catalog. I replaced those staffs with 50mm spears/pikes that I cut down to the, more or less, correct height. A Superb blog from one of our customers – check it out for 20mm Napoleonics A couple of really well painted Rebel units, by Julian Hammond. Shop at Noble Knight Games for Full Inventory products from Miscellaneous Miniatures. Flags of War is now one of the most extensive miniatures wargame flag suppliers in the hobby. Go to the 20mm SYW link up in the top of the page. The 25mm are good for the smaller armies. Crew are AB, picked up at Salute in April - lovely detailed figures, which I need to do some more detailing on to show insignia better. RANGE 2 American Civil War. Perry Miniatures - 28mm ACW Artilllery No Published Release Date Currently being worked on is a ACW Artillery boxed set consisting of a limber (see frame to left), and gun plus crew. You may have seen the photos a few years ago when we planned to release them painted. My last show at Salute19 was an emotional occasion, thanks to everyone that came to see me and also all those that have dropped me a line afterwards. On this Web site you will find details of our excellent range of buildings,in all scales and periods, specifically designed to compliment any Wargaming table. Again Krisztian painted them up for me and also again the figures just needed to get their bases finished. One figure, the pointing chap, is a Minifigs S Range item. AU $5. Find Aircraft, Figurines, Interior Models, Scenery, SciFi, Ships, Trains, Vehicles, Other and much more. Plastic ACW Confederate Collection NM. I am collector, painter and converter of 1/32 (54mm) and 1/72 (20mm) and 28mm military figures, based in England. I bought a few with the intent of beginning an ACW miniatures set. a short time after my last post concerning the Confederate Cavalry I´m happy to present some photos of an unit of Confederate Infantry. They have a small range of WW2 Soviets and Italians mostly revolving around motorbikes! I have listed the Italians as being suitable for European and North African theatres, although it is not totally clear from the website. My order of ACW 28mm miniatures from FG Miniz Forgotten & Glorious Company of Art arrived on Monday and did not disappoint. Posts about ACW written by warhammergrimace. Add to Wishlist. I intend to start with some Italeri Confederates I had about the  Buy American Civil War Miniatures 20mm Options Table Top & Historical 20 Confederate Infantry ACW 20mm painted wargames plastic laying soldiers Airfix. When completed the model has a removeable roof and an inner floor that comes out. Command 1 of infantrty in Kepi ACW007. Welcome. At War Game Miniatures, we offer you quality figures and war gaming supplies from around the world. Post navigation ← Battlegroup: Overlord Sharp Practice 2 ACW – The Second Go → Huzzah again, again! And so the men from the West triumphed over the men from the East. WELCOME TO THE BACCUS 6MM SITE Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. Now part of CALIVER BOOKS we have more stuff for wargamers than anyone else on the  Dayton Painting Consortium, Ltd. American Civil War Sample Figures. I started doing this with my British Napoleonics. credit / debit card payment now available as well as paypal. Crew suitable Union/Confederate. Ancients. New, used, and Out-of-Print. Now in the process of Building Boar's, British, and Zulu armies. Fire&Fury ACW rules set - Gettysburg in 20mm (part 5) - Caldwell's Division (II Corps) Moving to the second day, 2nd July 1863, 1st Division, II Corps is deploying in the Wheatfield, where some of the most savage fighting of the battle took place. 20mm WWII, Old Glory Miniatures -- 15mm American Civil War 15mm Napoleonics 25mm French and Indian War 25mm Medieval (formerly Revenge line) Also see Old Glory Games -----Epicast USA 1495 Quail Valley Run Oakley, CA 94561-3425 UNITED STATES American Civil War . RAPID RUIN FRENCH HOUSE - VALIANT MINIATURES - WW2 20MM 1/72 SALE. AB Figures 15mm Range (From Spanner & the Yank) Mark Fenlon Miniatures A highly rated range in 28 mm from (From Spanner & the Yank) Take a look at one of Sash & Saber’s ACW Guns (From Spanner & the Yank) COLONIAL WARS. Welcome to Legends In Time, a company dedicated to the art’s of War Gaming, Military History and Modeling. Musketeer Miniatures, have several new miniatures available in time for xmas and beyond, first up are the Brigand Characters for Inter War gaming (1920-1938), though these guys could always be used as partisans in a WW2 game. This is a tailored cap with a depressed centre/top common amongst confederate troops. Well, it's been quite a journey from picking up my first ACW figure to achieving this . 10mm American Civil War Miniatures Comparison 3. American West. £3. NAC 1, 2 variants NAC 2, 2 variants. Spanish Civil War in 20mm. Information Hello. This is the new website for Redoubt enterprises. The models are made by Sarissa Precision Ltd and are laser cut MDF. Everything on our website will be 20% off, and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. We have been around since the early 'sixties, initially cast in plastic, all our figures are now in metal (high lead content, please note, to keep prices low). Our detailed and comprehensive 10mm miniature ranges are mostly produced by Magister Militum in our premises in Salisbury. jacklex soldier. 1/72 20mm 28mm 1881-1889 1944-1945 AAR ACW American Ancient Artillery Brigade British Buildings Campaign Cavalry Civil War Colonial Confederate Convention Crossfire CSA Dervish Egyptian Fast Play Figures Fire & Sword French Fuzzy-Wuzzy German Historical Mahdist Modelling Napoleonic News Normandy Regiment Rules Sudan Terrain TSATF Union USA 20mm and 1/72nd wargaming. The new figure and first prone ACW figure in the line! 20mm Hinton Hunt Napoleonics Over the weekend I came across a blog with Hinton Hunt miniatures. He also recasts many of the old figures that are no longer available, roughly 2500 different castings that cover the period from 1630 to 1900. Dixon Miniatures - Online Shop 20mm WWII: 28mm WWII: 54mm and 75mm Miniatures: 54mm and Larger Figures: AGE BEYOND REASON (17th - 18th cent. Usually infantry 40 Bases in a pack. North vs South, the Confederacy fighting the Union and the two battle for civil rights and the freedoms against slavery. In 1/32 mostly plastic, by Airfix, Conte, Britians, TSSD, and HAT. Again Strelets has done the unnecessary, but vastly appreciated, favor of sculpting and casting yet another set of charging Rebels. NEWS NEW RELEASES AB 20mm World War II Gallery AB Napoleonic Gallery Modern Gallery WFR Gallery Volume discounts EVENTS CONTACT PRIVACY TERMS Shipping Return Policy GALLERY Log In Sign up My Cart (0) My Cart (0) Check Out The only 15mm American Civil War miniatures to ever win the Origins/H. The figures were all 25mm/28mm from my collection including Dixon, Mark Fenlon, Foundry, Redoubt and Sash and Saber minis. Have been buying RSM 20mm for 10 years. Jacklex Miniatures American Civil War Artillery and Equipment 20mm metal figures. C1861 American Civil War. Painting-Studio 72 Blog of a German figure painter who focuses mainly on 1/72 & 20mm Figures and also occasionally trades in plastic figures & kit sets Welcome to Pendraken Miniatures Founded in 1992, we are now the largest manufacturer of 10mm wargames miniatures, with nearly 4000 products spread across over 200 ranges and more being released every month. With a catalogue now featuring over 700 different models and terrain pieces spanning dozens of civilizations, periods and geographies, all designed and reproduced to the highest quality possible. Laser Cut Wargames Buildings, Terrain, Scenery and Miniatures for Historical, Pulp and Warhammer gaming in 10mm, 15mm and 28mm. G. Forty Confederates from the RSM95 20mm range. Before Christmas I bought a large bunch of Germans from the FPW range. F&G are a relatively new French company, and seem to be additional proof that trans-Atlantic hobbyists like myself don’t just have to look to Great Britain as the centre of gravity for our hobby. Our new world leading 3D sculpted miniatures, sculpting taken to the next level. Welcome to the world of Spencer Smith Miniatures. We also feature four 28mm ranges: extensive ACW and French and Indian War ranges, and limited Napoleonic and Seven Years War ranges. Rogue Miniatures / Wayne's World: Winter of 79 Living on the Frontline: 20mm: 28mm: Forgotten Front Miniatures 28mm: Great War of the Worlds: Setting The East Ablaze 1914 - 1930 : Resin Vehicles (Ex-PMC) World War One: World War Two: Miniature Design Studios: 28mm ANCIENTS: Pax Bochemannica: FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: 32mm Fantasy: 28mm Science I have 500 ACW and 500 Nap's. As usual pay pal is the normal way to pay, but if you are not a fan, just get in touch and we can organise bank transfer. JACKLEX 20mm AMERICAN CIVIL WAR FIGURES. Wells Award for Best Wargaming Figures! • See 15mm ACW Infantry listing for contents and prices. These well-detailed and very active miniatures are cast in the now-familiar light gray plastic and display a high level of detail. 020"/??mm), (15mm / 20mm scale = . On this website, you can order differents military vehicles in resin model kits, at differents scale, and also accessories, figurines, decals, books, documents and many other things. This web site has been created with technology from Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc. This blog is concerned with military miniatures that are about one inch high. Welcome to my website, hopefully you can find what you are looking for. Static grass tufts x117 Self adhesive - 6mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 28mm 40k 1/300 model. Welcome to the Redoubt Enterprises Website. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. Colonial. ACW in 15mm and 10mm. NAU 3, 2 variants NAU 4 NAM 1. They are listed at 22mm, but they are slightly smaller than 1/72, and the same size as other 20mm, such as the RSM figs. Miscellaneous Miniatures Miscellaneous Historical Miniatures - Loose Miniatures 20mm Unidentifiable Manufacturer Plastic ACW Confederate Collection (NM) (painted). 20-40% Off Sale! Acheson Creations' Spring Sale is now on through November 15 (US time). Buy Federals Collection - ACW 20mm from Hinton Hunt Miniatures - part of our ' Historical Miniatures collection. Capitan 20mm WW2 · 184 products · Capitan 28 mm Napoleonics Combat Miniatures 20th Century 20mm · 502 products · Easy Models · 36 products  20mm and 25mm circles now available in bulk! read more. As usual these 20mm figures are a joy to paint. I Americans; 20mm Russian Revolution 1; 20mm RCW 2 Interventionists; 25mm Jacobite Rebellion; 25mm ACW Union; 25mm ACW Confederate's; 20mm French Foreign Legion; B&B Miniature £5. Hichliffe WW2 British Infantry 20mm The Hinton Spieler. Little Big Horn Range. Limber suitable Union Xan MIniatures use cookies to improve your user experience. • Photos: Click links below for photos. ACW Zouaves - 28mm Information. Napoleon in Egypt  25% Off All Ranges (excludes bargain and army packs). Gun suitable Union/Confederate. All Prices are in Pounds Sterling More 20mm ACW - A Work in Progress It has been a while since my last post, so here is the sum total of over a months painting. I recently purchased the board bame 'Battle Cry' which is based upon the American Civil War (ACW). JA102. 20mm Catalogue . ) American Civil War SET OF HO THOMAS 20MM SCALE K & L COMPANY ACW UNION SUPPLY FIGURES WITH WAGONS, CAISSONS ETC. Sash and Saber produces high quality 40mm and 28mm military miniatures for wargamers and collectors. We also stock various sets of rules but in the whole we only stock rules that we play and thus know people will have a good interesting game. We are the owners/distributors of the Coat D’arms paint range and sell the full paint range as well as Wargaming rulebooks and other accessories. 10 Jul 2014 20mm ACW figures for the collection of Old John. There are 9 variants so by buying more than one pack you will get al 9 variants. This is the cap worn by the vast majority of Union troops. We manufacture a range of 20 and 25mm historical metal wargames figures, for the wargamer and collector. JA103. Well the old website did us proud but after so many years it was time for a change, with this new modern system that will allow us to manage the website and provide updates more easily than previous. Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. £15. Minimi Miniatures produce a high quality range of affordable WWII 20mm vehicles, 20mm and 28mm boats, and 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm terrain for wargamers. We supply wargaming products worldwide to the discerning wargamer and collector. At the time I hadn't really made up my mind whether I was just going to do dioramas or try my hand at wargaming. 00 GBP. this is a page for like minded wargamers who prefer to game in the 20mm or 1/72nd scale be it sci-fi, historical or The American Civil War . 16 May 2018 With our last post concerning the 25mm WWII figures, interest in the 20mm figures has increased a wee bit. They are represented in full zouave kit, the most colourful uniforms seen on the battlefields of the American Civil War. Hordes & Heroes Historical . 8 figures with 8 variants with 4 standard bearers, 2 officers, 2 drummers. Worldwide shipping available. Miniatures News Speira ACW releases. GrandManner are the leading specialists in 28mm scale resin models and terrain for wargamers and collectors. I set this up so that I can ramble on about my lead (and plastic) mountain, my endless gaming, miniature, and terrain projects, and other insights into various games. Even hand to hand. 64mm),  1/72 - 1/76 - 20mm. Please select a page from the list in the page header. For my 15mm figures, AB Miniatures, Pack ACE-24 Infantry Command, Zouaves in . ]. B15 British Napoleonic Riflemen 1808-15 (2 figures with head and arm options) B 29 Wars of the Roses/EA horses; B6 20mm x 20mm individual Green bases x 40 Completing the Pickett's Charge trifecta is this set of miniatures. Once I have decided on a base size(25mm x 20mm) I then make the mixture up. We have two ranges of 20mm figures. Bargain Packs. Polish Marching Czapka x8 (9 variants). At the last count it was over 2000. Add to cart More. JA100. Perry Miniatures 28mm American Civil War Artillery 1861-1865 # ACW90. There are a number of them out on the market, but I don't remember who made the ones I have. It also has some info on which may be compatible to mix together, and links to a number of large-scale ACW battles fought using 10mm figures About Tumbling Dice. 20mm american civil war miniatures Contact Us ~ Links 20mm American Civil War United States. It makes me smile to think that 400 or so pieces represents merely an addition to John's vast ACW collection! So far this time it's mostly camp scenes, HQ sets etc, but there is much, much more to come. The photos will open in a new tab. Happy Building. The Blue Moon Manufacturing site is being re-routed to the oldglory25s. NAC 10 NAC 12. NAC 3, 2 variants NAC 5 & NAC 11. You might have seen those in The Analogue Hobbies painting challenge a few weeks back but I'm currently working on a US WW2 force in 20mm scale. I have a fairly large 15mm ACW collection, but recently I have had the urge to do the ACW in a grander scale (28mm). Welcome to MINIATURE FIGURINES & MATCHLOCK MINIATURES. We are often asked "What do you do all day, when you’re not packing my order?" Well now you can see! The Life Of Lead, a documentary on a day in the life at Eureka, directed by the very talented Kurt Lowden is available to view on YouTube, just follow this link. Items 1 - 12 of 158 Bersaglieri with fez running, with Every pack contains five equal figures. Hello my name is Paul and Tumbling Dice is my company. There are very few if any creases in the trousers for example and highlighting is used to represent this a little here and there. If you change currencies later, you will need to create a new account and anything in your cart will be lost. To be specific, it deals with figures described as being in the following scales: 20mm, 22mm, "traditional" or "true" 25mm, HO, 1/72 or 1/76. Note Now moving into its second decade, The Seaforth World Naval Review 2020 provides an affordable yet authoritative summary of global naval developments over the past twelve months. See more ideas about Dioramas, Diorama and 28mm miniatures. On to my question: How do youbase your 20mm ACW minis? Available Vintage Figures. We provide ready-to-use paper and cloth flags for miniatures, suitable for gaming sizes: (6mm and 10mm = . These are from Magister Militum, and quite lovely they are! Check out the remaining stock  6 Oct 2018 Fire&Fury ACW rules set - Gettysburg in 20mm (part 8) -The Buildings of Two metal Irregular Miniatures Houses for the streets of Gettysburg. The scale is sometimes listed as 20mm, sometimes as 22mm. Strelets continues its march to dominate the 20mm ACW space with yet another excellent set of superbly useful figures. Flags and Pennants for use with American Civil war figures of all scales Union First Legion is pleased present toy soldiers for the American Civil War! With simply astonishing sculpting, breathtaking painting, and the accuracy, detail, and depth with are the hallmarks of our figure ranges, we will present the Civil War in a way in which only we can. Marching poses are suitable for the right shoulder hand painted 1/72, (20mm) figures & military miniatures for the wargamer and collector. Postage: + AU $6. Magister Militum, The home of over 12,000 wargames products for wargamers everywhere, from Akkadians to Zulus, Tanks to U-boats, aircraft to orcs we have thousands of products in various scales. 20mm WW2 - US M3A1 halftracks 4 years ago 18th Century Studios. The aim is to provide you with not only the buildings for your tables but also the buildings' surroundings. 92 likes · 1 talking about this. Perry Miniatures American Civil War 28mm Options Table Top & Historical Wargames, Jack's 28mm ACW gunboat In his early 80s (now 87) Jack made this model for our 28mm ACW wargames. So, with new guy Doug (sorry John, I guess you're not new guy anymore) showing up regularly, I decided to run ACW Black Powder. AU $35. Back; Armourfast; Balkan Wars; Blitzkrieg Miniatures 1/72; Lancer Miniatures Unit 5J Bessemer Drive Stevenage SG12DX United Kingdom. Kallistra specialise in the design, development and production of wargames miniatures, terrain, rule systems and tabletop gaming accessories. She is equipped with two Redoubt Miniatures guns and gunners and figures from their naval landing party. The most recent additions to the range are the following 20mm vehicles. 8m in metric and divide by 285 you get 6. 42 mm from the base of the feet to eye level which since the mid 80's has been the 'standard' method of measuring figures. The 69th New York Volunteers as they were at the battle of 1st Bull Run 1861 - 28mm Redoubt Minis Paper Building: 15mm ACW Barn Here is a copy of some 15mm Paper, ACW Barns that I created. 20mm acw miniatures

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